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Hi, I’m Denise, owner of Paper and Milk, and I love bringing joy to others with cute and silly hand drawn stickers ✏️! 

Two years ago I spontaneously opened an Etsy shop because I had gotten into decorating paper planners, and I “needed” stickers to mark getting boba. So I decided to design my own and try selling them (because everyone likes boba right?!). I had no background in business or design. I had no real understanding of product manufacturing, but I started with a small following on Instagram and an idea.

While I should’ve been studying for my nursing boards exam, I focused more on learning illustrator and producing stickers. I remember asking Brian, my boyfriend, in the car, “I know this is going to sound like a weird idea, but what if I opened a sticker store on Etsy?”. He said, “let’s do it!”.

And that’s how my shop Paper and Milk was born.

Fast forward to today. After many, many frustrating nights of machines not working, threatening to myself to permanently close the shop, and juggling it with a full-time job, my little at-home business grew to over 11,000 sales. I’ve traveled and met so many amazing makers and crafters who inspire me daily. I found happiness and genuine curiosity to improve my craft.

My sticker sheets draw inspiration from many different sources, including yummy desserts, lettering/calligraphy, and my foggy home of San Francisco, CA 🌉.  I love holidays, especially Christmas! So always be on the lookout for new themed sheets, and one of my favorite things to draw is a toasty little marshmallow named Maru who loves to go on adventures (which just so happen to coincide with some of my favorite activities, like traveling, hiking, skiing, or just lounging around).

Thanks for sharing this moment with me and for taking the time check out Paper and Milk.  I really appreciate all your support and can’t wait to spread more happiness!

Thank you Brian for being my partner-in-crime, my mailman/task rabbit, my Y-Com”brian”ator, my tech support, the Chandler to my Monica, my #1 fan. I’m sorry I took over half of our room and it’s constantly messy. None of this would’ve happened without your constant love and encouragement.

Thank you Justine, for being my best friend and I hope I make you proud!


Happy crafting my friends!

💖 Denise

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